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We simply care about skin.
CONVENION products don't contain any
colouring pigments,
preserving agents,
mineral oil derivatives.
An easy to use care range with high quality ingredients has been developed for exacting and sophisticated men and women.
The products have been adapted to meet the physiological needs of  mature, sensitive and dry skin in order to combat premature aging.                
The basis of the products is a cream base newly  manufactured using high tech processes that imitates the lipid structure  of the skin’s upper layer.
Only skin-related, natural lipids of plant  origin are used for this cream base, such as ceramide, squalane,  triglyceride and phospholipids. They protect the top layer of the skin  against environmental influences and they are excellent for caring for  sensitive skin.
CONVENION products contain added ingredients  that have specific effects: e.g. vitamin A, vitamin C, coenzyme Q 10,  hyaluronic acid, phytohormones and grape seed extract.  These are encapsulated in a nanoemulsion that penetrates  the skin and protects against oxidation.
As a result of the new type of cream  structure, preservatives, emulsifiers, mineral oil derivatives and  amines are not necessary. The creams do not contain any colourings or  perfumes. In order to achieve the best possible effect only a small, so more highly concentrated amounts of active ingredients, which are  proven to be effective, are selected.
The generously measured quantities allow for regular, extensive application that should include the neck and décolleté areas.
The creams can be used as both day and night creams, depending on skin type and usage.
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